Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Don't let your staff "horse around" this Summer!

One of the most iconic summer events will kicks off today... Royal Ascot 2014!
According to reports, more than a quarter of a million people will descend to Berkshire this week to join in the prestigious Royal Ascot!
Royal Ascot 2014 will feature 17 races, including seven group races, with total prize money across five days in excess of £5.3 million.
Approximately 400 helicopters and 1000 limousines descend on Royal Ascot, while guests are greeted by 300 in-house stewards in traditional attire and a further 700 stewarding staff. We sincerely hope that they've got some staff management tools in place to control all those employees!
With most of the main races taking place during the day, how will you manage this with your keen sports fans in the office?
Activ Absence Control can help you plan, monitor and record any type of absence within your organisation. It can help you keep tabs on who is off and when but also who seems to catching all the key sporting events whilst "unwell"...
In 30 minutes we can show you how we can help! We can lead the horse to water but we can't make it drink!
Activ Absence Control... the software solution to your staff absences!

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