Friday, 26 February 2016

Avoiding the ‘Lergy’: How to Stop the Spread of the Common Cold

Adrian Lewis interviewed by HR News:

Cold and flu viruses are still cited as one of the main causes of short-term absence and often spread like wild fire through workplaces in winter as a result of germs passing from hand to hand contact.  This happens when someone has the virus on their hands, usually as a result of sneezing or coughing, and then touches a surface, such as a desk, keyboard, telephone or door handle.  These germs can then be picked up by other people who touch the same surface and this route of infection is the same for common colds, flu and a wide range of other viruses.
Ian Smith of workplace equipment provider, Slingsby, says that a massive rise in sickness absence is NOT inevitable and businesses can avoid the spread of the common cold by encouraging good, basic hygiene practices click to read more

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