Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Embrace flexible working and retain a happy, motivated workforce

Adrian Lewis wrote this article for Real Business Magazine:

Nearly two years on since the Flexible Working Law was passed giving employees the right to request flexible working after 26 weeks’ of employment and more companies are embracing flexible working.
Having good policies around flexible working will help companies attract and retain people
According to a new report "Working anywhere: A winning formula for good work?" by Lancaster University’s Work Foundation and commission by Citrix, the UK is on the verge of a flexible working "tipping point," as working away from the office becomes more common. After interviewing academics, business leaders and the public sector the Work Foundation predicts that by 2017 over half of UK organisations are likely to adopt flexible working and by 2020, that figure will rise to over 70 per cent.
The report argues that flexible working can result in increased productivity, improved employee wellbeing, talent attraction and retention. Indeed a YouGov survey on behalf of Redcentric published last year highlighted that 54 per cent of UK office workers are currently able to work remotely, with 30 per cent stating their productivity increased when they work away from the office.   Read More...

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