Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sunburn, Food Poisoning, Absenteeism and Hangovers: Welcome to Bank Holiday Tuesday!

Guest blog by Adrian Lewis, Director, Activ Absence

I arrived in work this morning to find my Head of Marketing sat on the pavement outside the office looking somewhat like a lobster.  She informed me she had been dropped off extra early by her other half en route to his GP – both had spent yesterday on the beach with inadequate sun protection and he was suffering from sunstroke with nasty sunburn.  Naturally, he won’t be fit for work today, and given the number of pale people on the beach yesterday and a conspicuous shortage of suntan lotion bottles, I’m guessing he won’t be alone.  South Wales was fortunate to get beautiful weather over the Bank Holiday.

Bank Holiday Tuesdays have a high rate of attrition – even amongst managers with the best staff holiday planning processes.  Whether its down to the after effects of too much alcohol, too much sun or food poisoning down to badly cooked barbecue food, adding to delayed onset ‘Mondayitis’, I’ll hazard a bet that in many workplaces, there’s at least one empty seat today.  Of those that are present and correct today, there will be more than just a few staff dosing themselves up on caffeine pills, aftersun lotion and painkillers to combat excesses of one form or another!

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