Tuesday, 5 July 2016

How to conduct successful performance reviews

Guest blog by Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director of Activ Appraisals

Whether you use appraisals software or not, delivering an appraisal of someone’s performance is an opportunity to engage people, motivate them and set their goals and objectives in line with the priorities of your business.

It is therefore vital that managers view performance appraisals as more than just a paper chasing exercise.  Appraisals software can help provide a framework for the process, but enthusiasm, energy and drive from the line manager is the most important part in delivering a successful appraisal.
However, having a consistent process will at least ensure conformity and fairness.  Our appraisals software simply automates the process, but it doesn’t have to be automated to give best results – here’s our tips to help deliver appraisals that work:

Obtain Feedback from your employee ahead of the meeting

It is possible to take feedback from an employee during the appraisal meeting with a simple ‘how do you think you are doing?’.  However, this does not give managers the opportunity to plan their response to any issues raised and the staff member concerned may feel a little awkward bringing any issues up.

We recommend using employee questionnaires – whilst Activ Appraisals software allows you to create any number of different questionnaires to suit different job roles, and automatically forwards it to the employee ahead of a review meeting, there is nothing (apart from the admin of course!) to stop you managers doing this manually.  You can then use the meeting itself to discuss any points arising from employee feedback at the beginning of the meeting.

It is important as part of this process to agree the goals your employee would like to achieve.

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