Tuesday, 22 August 2017

BBQ-itis... has it hit your office? Beware this Bank Holiday weekend!

Bank Holiday Tuesdays have a high rate of attrition – whether its down to the after effects of too much alcohol, too much sun or food poisoning down to badly cooked barbecue food, adding to delayed onset ‘Mondayitis’, I’ll hazard a bet that in many workplaces, there will be at least one empty seat Tuesday.  Of those that are present and correct, there will be more than just a few dosing themselves up on caffeine pills, aftersun lotion and painkillers to combat excesses of one form or another!

With such a huge variance in indulgences, as well as absenteeism, the increase in staff absence is predictable, but there are steps employers can take to help.  Actively encourage your staff to have a great time off – safely.  
Ahead of this coming bank holiday:
  • Promote fun activities in your area over the weekend (the local venues will welcome your support!)
  • Encourage your employees to have safe ‘fun in the sun’, with advice leaflets on sun cream (a gentle, timely reminder may avoid sunstroke and sunburn)
  • Get staff to share barbecue tips and recipes to share with staff, which you can accompany with food safety advice on barbecuing without the hazards
  • Make sure that your staff are aware of the safe drinking limits and promote sensible drinking at company events
  • Keep good, accurate records on staff absence, and if you spot a pattern of sickness, software can help you take action.  It may help you spot stress early on, as well as tackling the sickie-takers who cost your business money.
For the HR Managers, working tirelessly through summer’s challenges of annual leave and absenteeism – maybe your bosses will be kind enough to replace your spreadsheets with absence management software that makes the season run more smoothly. 
Good luck with BBQ-tis staff today... you can do this!!

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