Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Do you know how much staff absence is costing your business?

According to the Workplace Savings and Benefits website today, employee sick days cost companies £29billion per year.

Sickness absence is costing UK businesses almost £29billion a year, as workers take more than four times as many days off work due to sickness than their global counterparts, research has revealed.

On average, UK workers miss 9.1 days of work due to sickness, nearly double the amount that workers in the US take at 4.9 days of sickness per year, four times more than their counterparts in Asia Pacific (2.2 days) and still higher than Western Europe (7.3 days), according to findings from PwC.

Sickness accounts for around 90% of UK companies’ absence bill, which also covers compassionate leave and industrial action.”

Activ Absence Control can help you calculate the cost of absence within your business! 
Absence management is a key business driver, more now than ever. Effective absence management has the potential to save money and create efficiencies. Unauthorised staff absences is now recognised as a wide scale problem that affects more than just payroll.

Click the calculator below to find our how much absence could be costing your business…

Cost of Absence Calculator - Activ Absence Control

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