Thursday, 25 July 2013

Do you have a staff sickness absence problem?

Recent reports have shown that staff sickness is costing UK companies £29 billion per year*On average, UK workers miss 9.1 days of work due to sickness.

Many managers acknowledge that staff take sick days, but don’t have any real idea of how often, what the sickness was or if there are any trends appearing in the employees absence e.g. Monday mornings & Friday afternoons.

In our experience, lots of organisations keep track of their staff sickness either on a paper based form or a complex spread sheet, meaning only one person can access this at a time and important data may not be taken into account. Ideally when an employee is off sick data such as absence type, data, number of days needs to be record, so that any trends can be identified.

The constant active monitoring of staff sickness levels in the business can be a challenge for many managers as they feel this would be complex and potentially sensitive to all parties involved.

Our aim is to work with companies to demonstrate just how simple and easy it can be to effectively monitor all types of staff absence, complete a return to work process and monitor any absence trends.

We can help you see instantly when reporting an employees unplanned absence of any previous sick days they may have had and quickly identify trends that may be occurring!

A popular HR tool that is now widely used in HR is the Bradford Factor.

The Bradford Factor is a measure that combines the absence frequency and duration measure to identify an employee’s irregularity of attendance. It is a way of illustrating how frequent short-term absences may cause more disruption to an organisation than occasional long-terms absences: the higher the ‘score’, the worse the disruption. It is calculated using the following formula:

S x S x D = Bradford Factor
S is the number of spells of absence of an individual over a given period; and
D is the total number of days of absence of the individual over the same period

In a 30 minute no obligation online demonstration, we can show you all of these features and much more. 
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