Monday, 29 July 2013

Your complex Spreadsheet vs Activ Absence Control...

Here at Activ Absence Control we quite often hear the line of "my MD says that our spreadsheet does the job and doesn't cost the company anything...".

I'm sure you think that secretly we agree right? Most definitely WRONG!

Let us explain why...

Spreadsheets are perceived free to use, but what about the cost of the Microsoft licence and time of the person who is manually entering all that data? 

Here's a real life scenario we've recently come across...

One of our prospective clients was running two sites with 300 employees between both sites. Each site had one person who was tasked with calculating and inputting the annual leave requests and sickness history. 
When we first spoke to the HR Manager, they informed us that they felt the Financial Director "wouldn't pay for something like Activ Absence Control as it's too expensive...".

We asked the HR manager to work out on average how many hours per week the two HR Advisor's were spending on the spreadsheets and their hourly rate. We then gave them a break down of the potential savings on using Activ Absence Control...

5 hours per week of manual input x £16 (cost per hour) = £80 Per Week x 4 weeks x 12 months = £3840 x 2 (employees)

Cost of Spreadsheets = £7680 (excludes Spreadsheet license) 

The total annual cost for 300 employees for Activ Absence Control = £3600 

Therefore we were able to guarantee this company a saving of over £4000...

....need we say more, decision made?  

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