Monday, 10 March 2014

"...that is the beauty of Activ Absence Control - it is a very powerful tool..."

Nothing makes us happier here at Activ Absence than fantastic feedback from our customers.
We arrived at the office this morning to a glowing testimonial from CEL Group. 

"Activ Absence Control is a simple, easy to use, but extremely effective piece of software that enables us to manage our absence. Our core business is all about creating efficiency and streamlining processes for organisations and sometimes for entire sectors - Activ Absence Control shares this common aim. That tedious, time consuming process of manually chasing paper for booking holidays and reporting absence is a thing of the past. Activ Absence Control provides you with a very cost effective and efficient means of gathering this data. We are able to better monitor absence levels and take action in the early stages and in most cases 'nip any problems in the bud' before they become a major issue.

The application is oh-so-simple to use and it is not even necessary to 'train' new joiners to the company in its use. Once they have their access details - they are away.
Customer service and support has been exemplary, although there has been very little need to call upon them as the software works seamlessly.
I would highly recommend Activ Absence Control to anyone looking for online absence management software. 
Larger companies shouldn't be put off by its simplicity, that is the beauty of Activ - it is a very powerful tool. It pays for itself by helping to reduce your absence levels and freeing up line manager's time to get on with their job." Julie Holt, HR Manager, CEL Group

We would like to pass our thanks onto Julie for her continued support for Activ Absence and these kind words! 

If you would like a success story like this then contact us today and we can show you how!

Activ Absence Control... the online solution to your staff absences!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Nominee For Best Absence Management Solution...

So the Oscars 2014 have been and gone and no doubt you had a few weary eyed people in the office this morning...

Although the Oscars is all about the film industry celebrating the amazing work produced and also the style shown on the red carpet, the biggest topic of conversation this year has been the Ellen DeGeneres celeb selfie! 

She asked as many celebs as possible to pose for the selfie, then prompted everyone on Twitter to turn it into the most re-tweeted tweet! She surpassed all expectations and created a "trend"... 

We can help you recognise and create your own "trend" with your staff sickness & holidays... like what we did there?!

Contact us today and see how Activ Absence Control can help you create "trends" that will really help your business!