Monday, 5 March 2018

Snowy weather doesn’t need to impact business productivity says Activ Absence

With parts of Wales now at the highest red “extreme weather” level and over 1,000 schools closed due to Storm Emma, Adrian Lewis, Managing Director, Activ Absence, based in Bridgend, South Wales says adverse weather conditions don’t need to cause chaos in the office too.
Adrian Lewis commented;

“With many office workers not able to make it into work or being sent home early this week the normal business day can be disrupted, which can negatively affect productivity, especially if companies can’t keep on top of where people are.
“However, this doesn’t need to be the case. With the right technology companies can easily allow flexible working and home working which means it can be business as usual, even if people can’t get into the office due to bad weather. We sent everyone home yesterday and several employees worked from home because they couldn’t get in.”
“Absence management software enables managers to keep track of who is working, when and where. People can log on as soon as they know they can’t make into the office and need to work from home. This gives managers an instant overview of where everyone is and allows them to plan the working day accordingly.

Adrian added;
“With people often wasting hours trying to brave public transport or driving to get into the office, this technology makes it simple for companies to have policies in place to plan for events such as poor weather, allowing staff to work flexibly or at home if necessary, and help minimise the impact on productivity,”